So my friend’s friend now goes out with my ex… And my friend (who I will remain anonymous because yeah) is like constantly telling me about it. I’m not jealous like at all, but I’m just mad that my friend keeps telling me about it. I don’t care, and he thinks I care because he wants me to care because he cares. I don’t know why people fear me so much? It’s like he doesn’t want to be-friend my ex again because he’s afraid I might talk about him. But, I DON’T CARE. I know I say that so much that people actually think I really care but I don’t want to admit it but they’re completely wrong. I don’t care about many things, and boys and ex-boyfriends are definitely something I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT. If I say I don’t care, I don’t. And it just kind of seems like my friend, likes my ex-boyfriend so he’s like jealous. I even told him “Do you like him?”…. He constantly denies it but I’m not a total dumb ass, I mean who would be? We know when people like people and he makes it so obvious. He always tells me how he feels bad for my ex, and how he misses him, and how he wish they could still be friends, or how they were like brothers and sister. Like to be honest, I don’t give a crap about your relationship with him but I don’t want to seem rude so I just listen. And if you like someone, FUCKING ADMIT IT! WHY ARE YOU SO ASHAMED?! You can go around thinking all these other boys are cute but when it comes to someone you actually like YOU CAN’T FUCKING ADMIT IT?!!?!? And if you’re jealous, then admit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, jeez. I mean no one gives a damn, but if you need to express it then express it. You constantly care about other people’s opinion so much, look at how you will end up…. THINK ABOUT IT. And if what you’re trying to do is make me jealous by constantly telling me that your friend goes out with my ex, keep trying…. And when I break from your annoying ass self you’re going to fucking regret it. So just shut the fuck up, make-up with my ex, be his friend, I don’t give a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


in the sunlight
Friends….. in real life

They’re so fake and un-genuine….. So here I am at school, oh you know, ALONE like I aways fucking am!!!! My friends alwas want to fucking ditch me for some stupid shit. My suppose to be best friend is suppose to always be there for me and JUST ALWAYS BE THERE FOR ME, but she choses her boyfriend… HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND over me which pisses me off. I feel like we’re strangers now and that I don’t even want to care for her anymore. MY OTHER SUPPOSE TO BE BEST FRIEND is only friends with me SOMETIMES…. He ditches me when he sees his other friends. All he really cares about is being well-known and all popular and stuff. I don’t get what’s so good about having a boyfriend or being popular. Yeah it’s probably because I’m fucking jealous, but I don’t give a shit. I’m jealous because they don’t care about and I’m jealous I don’t have a boyfriend or am I popular. It’s annoying, I really hate society. I’m not trying to say I’m so different but I’m not so typical like that both of them are. I feel like such a professional loner, you guys don’t know anyone more professional than I am. It feels awesome to actually be good at something hahahhahahaahahahahaahahahaha (NO I’M BEING SARCASTIC). I hate everyone. Right now I’m so mad, I’m mad and pissed off. Everything is so damn annoying. It’s not that I don’t want to support my friends in whatever they want to do, but the fact that they just ditch me and not tell me anything or give me any message makes me fucking pissed off. UGHHHHHHHHHHHH THE DAY NEEDS TO END RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!


I’m sorry I can’t tell you how I really feel towards you… Because I know if I did, it would ruin so much. I can’t afford to lose our friendship and the bond we already have together. You like someone else and if you’re happy that way I won’t get in the way. I could never do anything to hurt you. Even if I really wanted to. I’m sorry that I’m pushing you away, because I know the closer I try to pull you to me, the more I’ll start liking you and the more I start liking you, the more I’ll start to fall in love with you. I’m sorry, I rather us lose our friendship this way than in a stupid way of our feelings we have for eachother…. To you, I’m just your best friend or sister…… To me, I wish you couldbe much more than my best friend and brother but we are not meant to be and that’s fine with me. I don’t care about myself, because as long as everyone else around me is happy then I guess you can say I’m happy too but just happy alone. Thanks for teaching me so much and always making me laugh. Soon will be goodbye, I already know it. Bye

6:52 AM September 30th, 2012

Last day of September! Welcome October, please be good to me :D So I got early to start my essays! So far on my first essay I have HALF a page -_- But I need 400-500 words D: Oh I’m listening to “Romeo & Juliet” by Redd Stylez and eating fried rice 8D K I have to really get this done by noon, so bye.

10:24 PM September 29th, 2012

I just woke up from “a nap” you can say haha. I slepted all day, I decided I’m going to spend my entire Sunday doing all my homework so I don’t have to wake up early on Monday and try to rush and finish it. I think I’ll focus on my essays because Math is easier to copy lmao….. Ok well I’m probably heading back to sleep soon so talk to you guys tomorrow

2:52PM September 29th, 2012

I’m sitting in my living room watching Disney Channel’s “Cadet Kelly”. I’m like completely bored. Remember when I said I was going to go and do my homework? Yeah I lied. I’ll just do it tomorrow, I have 2 essays and 2 math work sheets I need to do. My sophomore year is actually quite tough and stressful -_- There’s so much to do that I can’t even do whatever I wanna, excuse me, want to do. Lol, I need to speak proper english more PMSL! I’m completely drained from this week of school. It was the most stressful class tbh.

September 29th, 2012

Since I have completely nothing to do anymore, I guess I’m going to start blogging my boring life. Let’s start with introductions!

Hello! I’m Rain. I was boring on February 12th, 1997. Guess you can say I’m a bit young? I reside from California. (Why would I tell you the city I’m from? You might stalk me) Hmmm, should I keep this a secret? Nah I never lie. I love k-pop, I only listen to k-pop and sometimes english songs I guess but mostly underground stuff. I’m hmong, don’t ask me: “What’s that?” Just google it or something. I mean googling always works for me :) I’m not funny. I’m very boring. I’m stubborn. Selfish, and the list goes on with all these negative words. I dance, and sing (a little but don’t ask me to sing for you). Actually at first I created this blog to reblog k-pop contest stuff (like winning CDs and merchandises because on my other ones, my followers got mad lol, but I decided not to) I’m way too independent. I’m easy to forget, way too sarcastic. Maybe if you knew me in real life you would know me more and actually believe everything I’m writing right here. Ok bye.

Actually, it’s only 9:14 A.M. so my day hasn’t basically started so I’m just going to write about yesterday (today is Saturday). So yesterday at school it was boring as hell, like always. Ugh I hate school. I went to all my boring 6 periods, wait I skipped 7th period because I left something at home and had to come back for this club ceremony thing. I came back to school and I already knew that this ceremony thing was going to be boring for me because I WAS FORCED TO GO. My friend told me that I should go because she needed me to be there for her and blah blah blah. But she left me for her boyfriend. And my other friend said that I could just stay with him but he left me for his other group of friends so I was left a loner (like always) tweeting about my boring night. I should have just stayed home and have my brother drop me off at my uncle’s.

During that time also, my ultimate crush of the time was there. It sucks he doesn’t go to our school anymore. Actually he’s also my best friend, he was trying to get with this girl so I was talking to him and he asked me to help him. Actually…. we are texting right now and he keeps bothering me to help him sneak into our Homecoming dance! Ughhhhhh! Sadly to say, I’m stupid but I’m actually helping him. Well he didn’t go to the ceremony but he was at dance practice trying to talk to the girl HE LIKES. It kind of ruined my day but I just shrugged it off. Nevermind, it completely ruined my day and I just wanted to go home and listen to sad music and just sleep. But I managed to hide it and stayed for the ceremony thing until it ended. Well that’s basically what happened yesterday. When I came home, I headed straight to sleep because I was so frustrated and mad and I guess a little sad but how can I even be sad when he doesn’t even know how I feel. 

Ok well I have to go do my essay homework! I’ll be back, maybe later.